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  • The normal factory guarantees apply throughout Europe.
  • Many brands and factures offer additional warranties and warranty extensions.
  • For inspections, repairs, etc., you can freely choose the manufacturer's authorized garage without losing your guarantee.

Warranty extension

If you are dissatisfied with the manufacturer's guarantee, we can now, in cooperation with our partner Multipart Garantie AG, offer you the prospect of an extension of the manufacturer's guarantee. The guarantee can be extended by either 12 or 24 months. The costs are based on the kW output of your car and can be found in the table below.

Duration up to 59 kW up to 92 kW up to 146 kW from 146 kW
1 year 170€ 190€ 265€ 360€
2 years 275€ 335€ 465€ 670€

A warranty extension is generally only possible if you do not exceed 30,000 km per year with the car and the warranty follows directly to the factory warranty.

You can read the complete warranty conditions in this PDF.

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